The civil lawyers at Cabinet Gelber Liverman help win cases. We litigate civil law in court on your behalf.

image of couple representing family law

Image of couple representing family law

Civil lawyers at Cabinet Gelber Liverman, work at finding effective solutions in your favour for any and all civil law problem(s) you may face. A civil law problem is any legal problem that does not involve illegal or criminal activities.

For everything relating to civil law, including divorce, property, insurance, joint custody of children, family, and compensation, we make every effort to get you the results that you want and deserve.

Before your situation escalates, call to speak with one of our civil lawyers and enquire about how our services can help.

Our team of civil lawyers has the experience necessary to represent you in civil disputes. We are your best option when it comes to litigating civil law trials in court in Montreal. Our law firms gathered experience encompasses several branches of civil law. We offer those in need of representation access to meet with a; real estate lawyer, family lawyer, commercial lawyer, labour lawyer, divorce lawyer, lawyers well versed with international law, and civil liability lawyers.

image of home representing property law

Image of home representing real estate law

What kind of situations can our civil lawyers help you with? We can help you with any dispute that is related to civil law. For example:

  • You buy a property and discover it has a hidden defect that you were not made aware of
  • Your insurance company does not want to compensate you, but you believe you are entitled to an indemnity
  • You completed work for a client who refuses to pay for the work you completed
  • You wish to contest a will
  • You are divorcing and your spouse does not want to share the family assets fairly

In all cases, we have extensive experience in litigating civil law that allows us to understand the issues in civil disputes and offer solutions that will respect your rights and protect your interests and assure you get excellent legal representation in court.

image of couple representing eventual estate

Image of couple representing an eventual estate or succession law

Do you know your rights? Our team of civil lawyers will provide you with detailed advice and consult you on all of your rights.

Our team of lawyers help you settle civil disputes for you so that your rights are respected, but we also provide valuable needed legal advice when considering going to court.

In all branches of civil law, the parties have rights and it is important to be familiar with these rights and assert them to your advantage. Whenever you have questions about your particular situation we encourage people to come for an inexpensive information session that will help you understand your options and situation better.

For example:

  • You want to know about sharing custody of children and what your rights are
  • You are an employer and you want to know what you can do about an employee whose inappropriate behavior disrupts the workplace
  • You wish to draft a cohabitation contract before starting a family
Image of gavel representing personal injury lawyer

Image of gavel representing personal injury lawyer

A team of civil lawyers with the experience needed for all your needs in civil litigation

The lawyers at Cabinet Gelber Liverman are your ally in and out of court, providing advice on civil law matters and effective legal representation in court. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your rights are respected, your interests are protected and you win your case with as little hassle as possible.

With the most experience in litigating civil law in Montreal, you are in good hands at Cabinet Gelber Liverman. Contact us today at 438-861-9500 for an initial consultation where we will gladly show you how we can help.

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