Almost 100 years of legal practice in the Liverman family!

Celebrate our 100 years of legal practice on March 8, 2022 and for the coming year, pay $14.00 for a first time video conference with Me. Liverman, the same price paid to his granddad In 1922. When you call, say the code FSLAW, to qualify. All fees will be donated to the Montreal Children's Hospital.

Excellent Legal Advice

At Cabinet Gelber Liverman, our experienced team of Montreal litigation lawyers provide you with the most precise advice to help you clarify the particular legal situation you are in. A litigation lawyer of our team will inform you of all of your rights and will present you with all of the different options available to you under The Civil Code of Québec, answering all of your questions to provide you with a clearer picture of your situation.

Montreal Litigation Lawyer

Our dedicated litigation lawyers have led to our firm being excellent litigators. We have developed legal strategies that will allow your court case to be resolved in your favor while respecting your rights and ensuring your satisfaction in the settlement. Regardless of the nature of your litigation; family law, employment law, business law, criminal law, real estate law, civil law or legal cases of another nature have confidence in our litigation law firm experience.

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Legal Success

A litigation lawyer from Cabinet Gelber Liverman will represent you in court, when it counts the most and everything hangs in the balance. Regardless of your situation, we assure that your legal rights are protected. At our Montreal litigation law firm, we excel in litigating your case and assuring that you are represented with the utmost competence.

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Legal Advice in your language

At Cabinet Gelber Liverman we are proud to offer legal services in the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, (Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Chad, Sudan, Syrian, Saudi), Urdu, Hindi. If you were looking for a law firm that speaks your language in Montreal, you've found the right firm! We can assist you in your native language.
For more help with legal services in languages other than English or French in Montreal, trust the law firm Cabinet Gelber Liverman to help.

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