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Senior Trial Lawyer

Me F.S. Liverman, a member of the Bar since 1974, is a third generation lawyer whose grandfather started practicing in 1921. All were graduates of law at the Université de Montréal. Me Liverman practiced law in downtown Montreal for thirty years until he moved his practice to the West Island about twelve years ago to accommodate a number of lawyers in the area who were relying on him for their litigation.

He joined the office with Me Carl Gelber in 2005. Me Liverman has carried on a litigation practice covering commercial and corporate law, personal injury and malpractice liability, property, estates, non-unionized labour law, criminal (limited to DUI, drugs and sexual and physical assaults) and family law.

As senior trial attorney for the firm, he provides a wealth of knowledge to the firm’s trial lawyers whom he supervises and mentors. He of course continues to litigate major trials.

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