Impaired Driving Charges

Impaired driving charges – Is there really no chance? The holidays are quickly approaching. Every year there are advertisements telling you not to drink and drive but each year some try their luck and some will get caught with impaired driving charges. Drinking and driving is regulated by the Criminal Code as well as the…


Child custody and Visitation rights: Things to know

One of the most sensitive issues in family law is child custody and access rights. They almost always result in extremely emotional debates between parents. Each cries out for justice, which of course really means his rights versus her rights. Parents involved in a dispute regarding their children must understand that the judge’s first concern…


Child Support: Some Comments on Establishing Child Support Payments

Very often some of my clients complain about child support because they must pay support even if they are not seeing the children, which to them feels unjust. Even joint-custodial parents find an injustice that they must continue to pay child support payments, even though the children stay with them half the time. It is…