A family lawyer can help you if you are caught in a family related dispute. Exercise your rights, consider calling a family lawyer.

Trust Cabinet Gelber Liverman’s experience in family law to settle your family disputes

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At Cabinet Gelber Liverman, you will find our knowledgeable and experienced legal advice that can help and assist you in all aspects of family law that you may be facing. Family law is the area of the law that governs all matters relating to relations between spouses and between parents and their children. Our family lawyer services concern the following contested matters:

  • filiation
  • child custody access
  • separation
  • support payments
  • divorce – Divorce Lawyer Montreal
  • marital property
  • property partitions
  • children’s rights
  • child custody
  • child support laws

Family disputes are often very difficult to live through for the parties concerned. This is usually one of the most difficult times for spouses, but also for their children. We are fully aware of that fact and the solutions we offer in litigating family law are respectful of what you are going through. Our approach always aims at making this ordeal easier to overcome.

At Cabinet Gelber Liverman, we will represent you with the experience we have gained over years litigating family law. Furthermore, we protect your interests with fervor and exercise your rights so that you are not aggrieved in any way.

When things go wrong in a relationship, hire a family lawyer to help you weigh your options more clearly.

When divorce or separation cannot be avoided, it is advisable to take on the services of a family lawyer to help you make sense of things and to manage the situation as best as possible. What are your rights? How do you divide family assets? How does child support work? What about child custody?

Our lawyers in family law will first listen to your case to better understand your situation and only then carefully advise you on the issues of your case to ensure you know you will be properly represented and to assure your rights are respected.

Children have rights too, it is important these rights are respected.

Even if you want to avoid any and all dealings with a family lawyer, the simple fact is your dispute must be settled. Children, who are more than mere spectators in family disputes, they have rights that by law must be respected. Children’s rights are important. Our family lawyers are here for this purpose: to inform you and ensure your children’s rights are respected throughout the course of any trial or divorce.

With respect to child support, family law ensures that both parents continue to meet the needs of children through child support. Child support is often a source of conflict between former spouses. If you are considering the services of a family lawyer in Montreal, consider talking to the lawyers at Cabinet Gelber Liverman, we can effectively represent you in court to make sure that your children’s rights are respected.

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Our senior lawyer, Mr F. S. Liverman has been practicing law in the greater Montreal area since 1974. There are few law firms that have as much experience as ours in the city. We become your ally in settling any dispute related to family law. We will exercise your rights and your children’s rights. We listen and advise you according to your reality and represent you effectively in the court system. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation. We will explain how we can help you.