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Speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers today to have your questions and concerns answered quickly. Divorce often represents a very difficult and stressful situation in one’s life. In addition to its stressful nature, divorce is often a source of continued conflict between former spouses. When there is no way for them to find common grounds, hiring one of Montreal best divorce lawyers may be necessary if you want to resolve your situation quickly.

Most divorces are obtained based on one of three situations :

  1. If the parties live apart for at least a year. In this case, we do not have to prove a fault on the part of the other party.
  2. One of the spouses applies for divorce because the other spouse has been unfaithful (has committed adultery);
  3. If there is evidence that one party caused the breakup by adultery, mental abuse or physical abuse.

Our team of divorce lawyers can facilitate the divorce process.

Our law firm can advise and represent you in court in situations where there are disagreements, including in relation to child custody, the education of your children and disputes regarding property division.

Local Montreal divorce lawyers that help.

The divorce process in Montreal can be complex. hence, we will always inform, advise and defend your rights in court as long as you retain our services. Many factors have to be considered during the process of divorce. Make sure to obtain advice from professionals who are experienced with the divorce process to reduce your concerns and to ensure that everything goes as well for you as possible.

Our team is always available to listen and help you resolve your particular divorce related legal problems. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs in terms of how to approach your divorce case.

Feel free to call us anytime with your questions, there is always someone to take your call

We answer your questions regarding all subjects of divorce law and will advise you throughout the divorce process. We suggest the best solutions for your particular case based on experience. As trial lawyers, we represent you in court, therefor you can rest assured that your rights are respected and interests protected.

Our team of divorce attorneys in Montreal are your personalized advisors.

Our firm’s divorce lawyers spend many hours in court representing clients. Hence, we are accustomed to negotiating on behalf of our clients on all matters of conflict and always represent you with conviction necessary to win your case. Whether it be for a lengthy “nasty” drawn out divorce or to represent you justly in court, you will benefit from our experience.

We have extensive experience in divorce cases in the courts of Montreal.

Divorce can be very difficult emotionally, we understand this. We treat you with compassion when we meet and listen attentively to your concerns regarding your particular situation. We always aim to ensure that your case goes smoothly. Truly being responsive to your needs is important to us. As the process of going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally draining situations a person can find themselves in, our lawyers play a role in designing and planning solutions that make sure you get out of your situation with the least amount of emotional, material and financial loss possible.

The hardest working divorce lawyers in Montreal work hard to win your case, call today.

It is not always easy to handle the reality that we have decided to end a relationship and our now faced with the reality of having to go through the divorce process. Subjects such as child custody, property division and finances can all be mind numbinlgy unpleasant to deal with and difficult cases to win. By working with our experienced team of divorce lawyers, you can increase your chances of getting through trial as easily as possible, oftentimes avoiding trial altogether. At Cabinet Gelber Liverman our lawyers know what needs to be done to see we have the best chances of winning your case or coming out with a winning decision. Call us today for legal assistance.

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