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Immigration lawyer Montreal Cabinet Gelber Liverman photo

Immigration lawyer Montreal Cabinet Gelber Liverman photo

Legal expertise is in our blood at Cabinet Gelber Liverman. We’ve been practicing law since the early 1920s, and our experience shows when we focus on your immigration questions. In fact, our we have over 45 years of experience with immigration law so that you can integrate with relative ease as Montreal, Canada, welcomes you with open arms.

Emigrating to a new country can be overwhelming for even the most well-prepared person. Allow our team to walk you through some of the most common processes, such as:

    • Obtaining a temporary resident visa
    • Understanding the permanent residence application
    • Study permit
    • Work permit
    • Sponsorship
    • Global talent
    • Quebec skilled worker
    • ARRIMA
    • Express entry
    • Programme de l’experience quebecoise
    • Visitor visa
    • LMIA/ EIMT
    • Certificat d’acceptation du quebec
    • Certificat de selection du quebec
    • Change of status
    • Restoration of status

There are several pathways to successfully emigrating to Quebec, Canada. Look over our helpful information below to get started.

1. Immigration law regarding – Visiting Quebec

If you’re looking to visit Montreal, there are a few options that an immigration lawyer can go over, such as:

    • Visitor visas
    • Visitor extensions
    • Super visas

All of these selections are dependent upon your particular situation. Speaking to a legal expert will narrow down your options. During a visit, you might research how you’d earn a living, invest in property or other activity. Canada encourages immigration when you’re a potential citizen who can positively contribute to the country.

Simply speak to our representative, and discuss your personal situation. Help can be just a conversation away.

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2. Residency Options

The city has many unique laws revolving around residency, which is why an immigration lawyer is so critical to your success here. Learn all about how residency works, if and how to leave the country at your leisure and returning without an issue. Residency can be a bit confusing, so it’s worth the effort to secure our services.

We can walk you through the choices and pick out the best option for your situation. Residency is possible when you understand the strict requirements.

3. Immigration law regarding – Permanent Residency

Permanent residency can be swift and timely when you have our legal team on your side. For example, an H & C or Humanitarian & Compassionate status might be applied to your application. Quebec and greater Canada takes care of those who’re suffering real ills in the world. The challenge is to apply with the proper authorities and follow through with the application. With our representation, every detail is thoroughly checked and completed.

4. Immigration law regarding – Sponsorships

Emigrating to Canada might be a personal choice because you have family here. Ask a loved one to sponsor you as a potential citizen. Our legal team can work with your entire family to make the process as streamlined as possible.

Your immediate family member must prove their citizenship and have sufficient funds to support you in certain cases. There are other rules that pertain to these sponsorships too, so calling our team is the best step to take. Filling out the application is just the beginning of your life in Canada.

5. Immigration law regarding – Entry Denial

Situations may arise where you need an immigration lawyer on your side. If you’ve been denied entry into the country, you have rights. Allow our team to look over the situation and design a solution. Rehabilitation or a temporary resident permit may be all that’s needed to secure your entry into the country.

We’re proud to support people from many different countries who strive to emigrate to Canada. Language barriers aren’t an issue at our company because we offer representation in several languages, including:

  • French
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Arab

6. Legal Litigation and Representation

Many immigration law processes are limited to paperwork and official notices from the courts. There may come a time, however, when representation in a courtroom is necessary. At Cabinet Gelber Liverman, our team is highly experienced in legal proceedings that span from quick appearances to long-term cases. We’ll discuss your case with you and cover any topics that might arise during this process. You’ll always be aware of options and scenarios that might impact your status in the country.

Contact Cabinet Gelber Liverman today at 438-861-9500. Our team begins with a comfortable interview to go over your options. Every situation is unique. We’re pleased to work with you through virtual presence or traditional meetings. By working together, we can make immigration a smooth process for a successful tomorrow.

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