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Criminal law (criminal lawyer) deal with a branch of the law under the Criminal Code that deals with serious violations of the Criminal Code. The crimes are listed by categories; here is a brief selection:

  • Crimes against persons: assault, harassment, kidnapping, homicide, murder, robbery, hate messaging, domestic violence
  • Property crimes: arson, fraud, vandalism, burglary, blackmail, deceit, embezzlement
  • Crimes against public order: drug or firearm possession/trafficking, sexual offenses, terrorism, piracy, riot, disorderly house, games and paris, impaired driving
  • Crimes against the state: tax evasion, treason, espionage
  • Crimes against justice: corruption, failure to report crime
  • Imperfect crimes: complicity, conspiracy, incitement

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If charges are pressed against you and you are to appear before the courts, you must react quickly. It is strongly recommended to hire a criminal lawyer. The situation is serious and it is important for you to find an experienced criminal lawyer who has the expertise to represent you in court and advise you appropriately.

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Criminal Law Montreal

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