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As lawyers we act as legal advisors. Our knowledge of the legislation in the various areas of law enables us give you legal advice that is the most appropriate for you particular situation. Whether you need advice on general matters or a specific situation, or to know your rights, a lawyer can help. A lawyer is the best advisor you can have for any legal question.

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Civil Law

Personal law, family law, property law, contract law, civil liability and much more!


Family Law

Filiation, child custody access, separation & divorce, support payments, marital property, property partitions, children’s rights, child custody, child support law


Criminal Law

Criminal law (criminal lawyers) deal with a branch of the law under the Criminal Code that deals with serious violations of the Criminal Code.


Commercial Law

Commercial law is a very complex field of law. It brings together several branches of the law, including banking law, insurance law, consumer law, commercial law and many others.


Labour Law

Labour law includes the laws governing relationships between employers and workers. It regulates training, execution of an employment contract, breach of an employment contract.


Immigration Law


Temporary resident visa, permanent residence, study permit, work permit and many more services.

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