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Are you trapped in a nasty legal dispute? Do you need sound advice? Maybe a lawyer? Call our law firm to help settle your situation.

Image of litigation or trial lawyer arguing in court

Image of litigation (trial) lawyer arguing in court.

When it comes to settling a legal dispute in actual court, it is important to find the best litigation law firm who will know how to respond and preview different scenarios in your case and to protect your rights and interests.

The Montreal West-Island based litigation law firm of Cabinet Gelber Liverman is composed of trial lawyers experienced with multiple disciplines of law . We have experienced in all branches of law; including but not limited to;

48 years experience in business!

A law firm that can advise you and best represent you in a court of law.

As your legal advisor, we are here to give your clear, precise advice on your case. We are here to advise you of your legal rights and the different possibilities available to you. Save you time and heartache. We thoroughly understand the provincial and federal laws and will always judiciously advise you in your legal situation.

At Cabinet Gelber Liverman, our lawyers will put together the best strategy for you and for us to represent you in the court of law. As your litigation law firm, our role is to assure that your rights are respected, no matter the situation.

If you are looking for a litigation lawyer with the necessary experience to properly advise and represent you, then the Montreal law firm of Cabinet Gelber Liverman is the law firm for you.

The resolution of your court case is largely based on your legal representation in court. Your trial lawyer will be the one to present your case, put together a plan of action based on his or her understanding of the law, and ensure that your rights are ultimately being protected. Choose a litigation law firm with the necessary experience to treat your case with attention and detail and get the results you desire. Choose the, Montreal law firm of trial lawyers Cabinet Gelber Liverman.

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