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What is civil liability?

Image of gavel, representing civil responsability law

Image of gavel, representing civil responsability law

Civil liability is, responding to acts that have caused damages to another person. Civil responsibility also comes from disrespect in the rights of another person. Some examples of civil liability are:

    • Contractual liability — is the result of a breach in a written or verbal contract.
    • Non-contractual responsibility — is when someone commits a fault which causes another person to suffer damages, either physical or material.

What is medical responsibility or medical malpractice?

Medical responsibility or malpractice – The obligations doctors have to their patients in carrying-out their treatments and practice.

There are explicit and implicit obligations between the caregiver and the patient. In the case of medical responsibility, doctors have the following obligations:

      • The obligation to diagnose and provide the care required to care for the patient’s health – This nonetheless provides the caregiver with the discretion to choose the manner of treatment, as long as other obligations towards the patient are met.
      • The responsibility to provide conscientious and attentive care.
      • The obligation to inform the patient – The patient must be made aware on a continuous basis of the treatments being provided, options available and risks involved with a chosen treatment.
      • The obligation to get the patient’s informed and free consent on an ongoing basis – The caregiver is required to get the patient’s informed and free consent whenever a new treatment is to be offered. It is their medical responsibility not to acquire a simple blanket consent for all treatments, to ensure the patient has been provided with and understands all of the facts of the treatment and that the patient has not been pressured to decide for one method or another.
      • The obligation to maintain confidentiality – Patient’s are supposed to be able to trust their doctor with the most personal of information and the doctor has the medical responsibility to protect that information for you.

Have you suffered personal injury as the result of another’s fault?

In all civil liability cases, we can help you prove this injustice and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

The neighbour’s dog bit you? A colleague at work is spreading rumors at work and tarnishing your reputation? You were injured falling over objects in the aisle at the grocery store?

These cases are examples of personal injury and libel that anyone can be victim of. Normally the person responsible for your physical, emotional and psychological injury is responsible to pay the cost of the damages. Costs of personal injury can include paying for medical fees, material damages, loss of salary and more.

Our injury lawyers and attorneys can assist you in the pursuit of those that have caused you damages and injury, as well as ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Civil liability problems? Talk to an experienced civil responsibility lawyer today.

Have you injured or caused damages to another person? Have you received a summons to appear in court to respond to a breach in civil responsibility?

You can be caught up in personal injury lawsuits by accident…literally. It could as a result of the mailman injuring his back after falling down your icy stairs. Your child may have accidently scratched the neighbour’s car. Or, you may have committed a professional error that has caused damage to a client.

To avoid being taken advantage of in the process, you need to know your rights and you must defend yourself or negotiate an arrangement with the injured party. Our injury attorneys, have litigated personal injury and civil liability cases for years and can help you resolve yours today.

Civil responsibility: you have obligations, but you also have rights.

In all cases of civil liability, be it libel, personal injury or medical responsibility, a personal injury litigation lawyer can assist you in the procedures to take in order to be fairly compensated or in order to defend your rights. You have obligations, but you also have rights.

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