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Business lawyers and commercial lawyers services in Montreal, litigation services for companies of all sizes.

image of eaton center representing commercial law disputes

Image of eaton center representing commercial law disputes

Commercial law is a very complex field of law. It brings together several branches of the law, including banking law, insurance law, consumer law, commercial law and many others.

Here are the legal services provided in litigation business law and litigation commercial law:

  • Contract disputes
  • Directors liability
  • Corporate veil
  • Actions on account
  • Setting up a business
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Registration
  • Business contracts
  • Shareholder rights
  • Companies and joint ventures
  • Franchises
  • Responsibility with third parties
  • Litigation management
  • Trademarks

Business lawyers will help you avoid pitfalls and do not take chances. Get advice from a lawyer experienced in business and commercial litigation law.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Before making a major business decision, it is highly advisable to hire a commercial lawyer who is aware of the laws governing commercial law and business law. Our experienced law services in commercial and business law give you the advice you need to take the best decision regarding your situation. We inform you of the procedures and factors to be considered and assist you in making important decisions for everything that relates to your business law or commercial law case.

By doing business with an experienced commercial lawyer, you can avoid surprises and certainly the many headaches that could potentially arise. You will be protected and we will be sure to act within your rights. Consulting an lawyer familiar with the area of business law related to your situation will prevent certain unwanted situations from arising and allow you to remain forever protected.

Take advantage of our experience…Put all chances on your side.

Business law and commercial lawyers can help you resolve almost any situation you may be facing. We negotiate to obtain the best results for you. We protect your interests and assert your rights at all times. Successfully litigating business law and commercial law is our business!

Cabinet Gelber Liverman: experienced Montreal business lawyers and commercial lawyers who know how to help you with your commercial needs.

Before making a major business decision, turn to our experienced litigating service in the field of business law. You will be informed and know what to expect. This will help avoid any unforeseen problems. Contact us now. Take advantage of the several years of experience in business law and commercial law in Montreal courts!

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